liberal or conservative?

As someone who takes a number of surveys to make money, one of the questions I am often asked is whether I am Liberal or conservative and another asks if I am Republican or Democrat.  I don’t know about anyone else but those questions drive me crazy!  It is easy to answer in some cases, depending upon what the survey is about, but to chose one or the other is essentially choosing a side in a battle when neither side is right.
When it comes to politics, choosing Republican or Democrat can lock us into the policies of that point of view but often we might agree with a bit of both as far as what the particular stand might be on an issue.  I have always felt that Nixon was not that bad as a President but during Watergate, he tried to lie to protect his political party rather than telling the truth about what he knew or did not know.  I have begun to notice more choices in surveys as to Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party and so on as far as choices but when it comes to Presidential debates, we are often presented with only candidates from those two parties which leaves us often choosing the lessor of two evils rather than giving us a choice of alternatives.  We were really never given a chance to hear alternatives to both  For example, Gary Johnson ran on a platform which advocated abolishing the IRS and several other government programs but we were never able to hear how he planned on doing that so that we could decide whether that was feasible or not and whether that would be a liberal or conservative approach to government.  When we must chose between liberal and conservative, Democrat or Republican, we are forced to take a position which may support some things we believe in but at the same time, we are forced to endorse things we may disagree with completely were we to know all the facts and we end up doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results, and that seldom if ever works.


EWE and me

Starting my first blog, the title “EWE and me”, seems the best I can think of at the moment but I should explain who “EWE” is.  This is not a person but a group of people, primarily women, and more specifically, Everyday Women, who are everywhere but it is also some men as well, so the title became “EWE and me.”

Our group has gone through several different sites online for one reason or another, but we stayed together as any family should while doing such things as supporting a very quiet member who was shy and needed to come out of her shell, many illnesses, the death of one of our original members, Valarie Arroyo, and everything else from movie reviews to great books to read or meals to try, altogether now for some 11 years.

Perhaps the best explanation of what EWE is was best explained in something I wrote some ten years ago:

Everyday Women Everywhere
And not just in the kitchen any more
But also in the boardrooms
And even a Governor’s mansion or two as well
Not just housewives
But clerks, salesgirls and truck drivers as well
Not just women supporting each other any more
But persons of either sex
Male or female
Coming together to celebrate life
To do those things which make life
A little better for all people
We are not special
And yet we are very special
We are not someone to remember
Only on a designated day
But someone to remember
And be remembered each and every day
We are not in just one home
Not in just one city
Or not even in simply one country
But throughout the world itself
We are Everyday Women Everywhere

Al Bacon

We have lost a few members along the way but we have also gained a few and yet we are still “EWE and me”

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